The nurses are coming.

We’ve been yelled at. We’ve been humiliated. We’ve been put in harm's way. We will not be silenced, pushed back or broken. We do not fear power.

We are not an option.
We are a necessity.

The health-care system is crumbling. Our workplaces are barely functioning. Our teams are discouraged. Yet we’re the ones left to hold it all together. Make them see us.

Close up of a female nurse wearing personal protective equipment

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

We change
the places we go.

We are everywhere: hospitals, homes, communities. No one does what we do. We push for reforms and fight for better workplaces. We don’t settle because a lot is at stake––who we are, where we work and who we work for.

A crowd of nurses on the picket line

Show we’re

No matter the reason—work, rest or rally—we have the gear to help us show up, be loud and be proud.

A collection of various ONA t-shirt merchandise

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